FDROD v. 0.00 - Engine Test
This version of the game was sent to Mike Rimer on 30th May 2011. I admit it's nothing amazing, just an engine test - seeing if Flash can support pathmapping.

The reason I did this was because I sincerely hope that Flash is a great medium to popularize DROD and make it noticeable. I wanted to implement all of the features and only THEN show it to you and ask for your opinion, but there are two things that made me change my mind - speed and resolution.

These are but two sentences of a pretty long and full of ambition PM I sent him. It wasn't until 23rd October that I sent the version 0.05!
FDROD v. 0.05 - Room One
The very first real version of Flash DROD. This one uses modified AE graphics (scaled up a lil' bit). Use 789 uio jkl to control Beethro. Hey, there is even undo on "E"!
FDROD v. 0.10 - Traversal
No monsters in the first room but... You can move between rooms! Nifty, aye? There is some tar, and roach queens. And buggy serpents (can you believe they were being buggy even until version 0.80?)
FDROD v. 0.22 - AE
You can "move" with numpad here. And there are working checkpoints. AND! If I am not wrong, roach queens are deadly here. I kind of broke the pathfinding algorithm for them here so they actuall chase you. And you are semi-safe on scrolls.
FDROD v. 0.40 - The Progress
Ah, that's more like it, isn't it? Graphical effects, smooth movement, falling trapdoors, blinking checkpoints. The level displayed here has survived many, many game versions serving as a primary test field.
And what is now? Now the game is almost ready, we are still waiting for a couple of translations to be finalized, some other site things to be tweaked and then...